The Unintended Consequences of Assimilating as a Black Girl in America

I have a confession to make: When I was in high school and college, I tried erasing as much of my blackness as possible to “fit in.” Let me start at the beginning. I was acutely aware of race as a young child. I can’t say that it had a profound influence on how I… Read more »

I Hope You Dance– Inspiration from my Grandmother

Our lives are easily lost in the hum-drum shuffle of every day life. The most casualties occur, not in actual death, but when we march along mindlessly, unhappily, making ends meet and tying up loose ends; finishing this, and finishing that and just trying to make it to the weekend. I Hope You Dance Was… Read more »

6-Black Owned Book Publishers

6 Black-Owned Book Publishers This is what I’ve been looking for!  I’ve been trying to spend my money in the black community, so it’d only be natural for me to want to seek a black owned publishing company for my novel, when its finished in June.  I haven’t researched them yet, but if you’ve heard… Read more »

The Best Mobile Devices for Writers: 2013

I am anti-consumerism, anti-materialistic, anti-spending money-on-unnecessary-things.  However, I’ve been searching for the perfect do-all writing device.  Once upon a time, I used to carry around a notebook and a pen, and when I was inspired, I could write my musings down on paper.  I can still do that, but as a blogger and fiction writer,… Read more »

Twenty-Six Students in a Mixing Bowl

Twenty-Six Students in a Mixing Bowl Twenty-Six students in a mixing bowl, boiling to escape They’re sliding cards and “f*cks!” across the table Public Displays of Affection without discretion “It’s not just a kiss,” I say. There’s confrontation: a girl about to beat the sh*t out of a boy with long hair and someone worried… Read more »


  This is a new poem… second draft. Being I stand, admiring the edge of clouds along the sky but I can’t connect to their certainty of being, and action. I’m floating like an air molecule, “invisible to the naked eye,” but I’m here. Fluid like ocean water and swimming amongst many. I’m strangely relevant,… Read more »

South Beach

This is another old poem I wrote in college… undergrad maybe.  I think it’s strange how I wait years and years to share things I’ve written.  Do you other writers do that?  Anyways here it is South Beach Lavender moonlight nudges sun rays creeping behind the horizon. But a khaki colored morning sighs, the brown… Read more »

The African-American Writer’s Inferiority Complex

I spend a lot of time feeling like I cant. I think it’s an issue that plagues most African-American writers. Honestly, writing a New York Times #1 bestselling novel seems out of reach. Some days, I attribute this lack of confidence to the political nature of race in this country: To get to number one on the NYT list, I have… Read more »

My Hair

I wrote a lot of poetry in college. My sophomore year (2005) I debated whether or not I should stop relaxing my hair.  This poem was written at the very beginning of my transition.  This is my favorite poem that I’ve written. My Hair I like to examine the way my hair grows at the roots,… Read more »

Why I Write

After a tumultuous year spent writing a thesis, I came to wonder why I started writing in the first place. Apparently, I love writing enough to get a Master’s degree in it. There were times in my life where writing something was a necessity to get through the day. Yet because of thesis, I’ve stopped writing. All… Read more »

  • Today is a Waiting Day

    I wait to find out if I have a job.  I wait to find out if I can stay in my apartment.  I wait to find out my future. Tomorrow they will tell me if I landed the job at the mall or not.  I want to be a writer, but I need money.  Thus… Read more »

  • Alone

    I have reached a point in my life where I’m wondering if I have hit rock bottom.  If I haven’t touched the bottom of the well yet, I am pretty close.  I do know that moving back into my parents house would be beyond rock bottom.  I would be a failure.  There is no up… Read more »

  • Bored without a Job

    The thing about being unemployed is the boredom that accompanies it.  You can do butt loads of internet research, networking and filling out applications, but when it comes down to it, what else is there to do?  You can only do so much for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week when you don’t… Read more »

  • How the Economy is Affecting Me

    If I want a career that grants me the flexibility to stay home and work during the hours that I choose, I’m going to have to develop a little bit more self discipline.    There a few things that I’m supposed to be working on.  This site trazzler– I have to write an audition piece… Read more »

  • My Career

    In my career field I really dont have any “concrete work experience.”  I have experience editing and writing.  What do you think English majors do for four years? Sit on their arses discussing the meaning of life??  All I did was read and write, analyze and defend my position with facts.  Exactly what Journalists do. … Read more »

  • Ode to baby :(

    My goal is to write a new blog entry every day.    I don’t want them to be crappy entries.  I guess some will have to be short, and not necessarily my view on the news worthy drama of the day. (I can’t stand watching the news sometimes.)  So I’ll add variety by posting poems.  Maybe… Read more »

  • Fast Trains

    I’m getting kind of excited about taking the train.  People in Europe take the train all the time to travel;  But train travel in the United States is nearly obsolete.  I only have one choice as to which train I’m going to take to South Carolina.  I think that its going to be a romantic… Read more »

  • The Customer isn’t Always Right

    I’m approaching burnout rapidly.  This working every day thing is more difficult than I thought it would be.  The two worst things about working customer service jobs are the phones, and bitchy customers.   If one more person yells at me, (for them misunderstanding what I told them,) I’m not sure whats going to happen.  … Read more »

  • Conquering Credit Card Debt

    People ask me why on earth I’d want to work seven days a week.  And here’s what I tell them: “I had so much fun running up 10 thousand dollars in debt, (in addition to whatever school expenses are on there) that I’m going to have to work really hard just to get things back… Read more »

  • I’ve Gotten Fat.

    Ive gotten fatter, and I can tell by the amount that my thighs rub together.    They are rubbing together further down than normal.  TMI— a good friend would say.  And “you have a good shape, lots of people would love to have your shape,” another nameless individual has said.  But they cant feel the way… Read more »