The Unintended Consequences of Assimilating as a Black Girl in America

I have a confession to make: When I was in high school and college, I tried erasing as much of my blackness as possible to “fit in.” Let me start at the beginning. I was acutely aware of race as a young child. I can’t say that it had a profound influence on how I… Read more »

I Hope You Dance– Inspiration from my Grandmother

Our lives are easily lost in the hum-drum shuffle of every day life. The most casualties occur, not in actual death, but when we march along mindlessly, unhappily, making ends meet and tying up loose ends; finishing this, and finishing that and just trying to make it to the weekend. I Hope You Dance Was… Read more »

6-Black Owned Book Publishers

6 Black-Owned Book Publishers This is what I’ve been looking for!  I’ve been trying to spend my money in the black community, so it’d only be natural for me to want to seek a black owned publishing company for my novel, when its finished in June.  I haven’t researched them yet, but if you’ve heard… Read more »

The Best Mobile Devices for Writers: 2013

I am anti-consumerism, anti-materialistic, anti-spending money-on-unnecessary-things.  However, I’ve been searching for the perfect do-all writing device.  Once upon a time, I used to carry around a notebook and a pen, and when I was inspired, I could write my musings down on paper.  I can still do that, but as a blogger and fiction writer,… Read more »

Twenty-Six Students in a Mixing Bowl

Twenty-Six Students in a Mixing Bowl Twenty-Six students in a mixing bowl, boiling to escape They’re sliding cards and “f*cks!” across the table Public Displays of Affection without discretion “It’s not just a kiss,” I say. There’s confrontation: a girl about to beat the sh*t out of a boy with long hair and someone worried… Read more »


  This is a new poem… second draft. Being I stand, admiring the edge of clouds along the sky but I can’t connect to their certainty of being, and action. I’m floating like an air molecule, “invisible to the naked eye,” but I’m here. Fluid like ocean water and swimming amongst many. I’m strangely relevant,… Read more »

South Beach

This is another old poem I wrote in college… undergrad maybe.  I think it’s strange how I wait years and years to share things I’ve written.  Do you other writers do that?  Anyways here it is South Beach Lavender moonlight nudges sun rays creeping behind the horizon. But a khaki colored morning sighs, the brown… Read more »

The African-American Writer’s Inferiority Complex

I spend a lot of time feeling like I cant. I think it’s an issue that plagues most African-American writers. Honestly, writing a New York Times #1 bestselling novel seems out of reach. Some days, I attribute this lack of confidence to the political nature of race in this country: To get to number one on the NYT list, I have… Read more »

My Hair

I wrote a lot of poetry in college. My sophomore year (2005) I debated whether or not I should stop relaxing my hair.  This poem was written at the very beginning of my transition.  This is my favorite poem that I’ve written. My Hair I like to examine the way my hair grows at the roots,… Read more »

Why I Write

After a tumultuous year spent writing a thesis, I came to wonder why I started writing in the first place. Apparently, I love writing enough to get a Master’s degree in it. There were times in my life where writing something was a necessity to get through the day. Yet because of thesis, I’ve stopped writing. All… Read more »

  • Writer’s Block

    Every writer out there has an story about how they cant write. About how the words are stuck so far up their ass that its diminishing their will to live. That because they cant be all  creative they are going to loose their job, their wife and kids, and become a drunken vagabond slumped under… Read more »

  • Working World

    I am officially a real employee.  I get up everyday at 7:00am, and report dutifully to my desk by 8:30am.  I answer phones, complete paperwork, and participate in company culture.  I tuck in my shirt, wear closed toe shoes, and sit up straight. I stare at a computer for eight hours a day. I look… Read more »

  • Attending Closing Night

    When she took her final  bow, the lights dimmed to a crimson black.  Her friends and family couldn’t let the curtain fall; they screamed and cried into the darkness until she left them.  All they had to do was go home.  But they regarded the solemn tears on their cheeks; salt burning the very moment… Read more »

  • I Actually Learned Something

    So it seems as if my semester is going out like a smoldering coal rather than a big bang. I have thus far refused to study for my examinations; not entirely: I have 1/2 of two different books to read, and a bunch of notes to study, and the biggest, most important test is in… Read more »

  • My First Blog Ever!

    I don’t wanna mess around here, introducing myself and all that. I think that’s silly. I plan to stay anonymous– that’s what the internet is good for, right ? I would like to just get straight to the point: I’m in my twenties, graduating college and I see the world differently than everyone else. I don’t… Read more »