Poem: Rest in Peace

My goal is to write a new blog entry every day.  I don’t want them to be crappy entries. I guess some will have to be short, and not necessarily my view on the newsworthy drama of the day. (I can’t stand watching the news sometimes.)  So I’ll add variety by posting poems.  Maybe even analyzing songs I love…But many future posts will be a chronology of my journey into single-dom.

Today, I’ve posted a poem about my 4-year-old Rottweiler that died this past spring.  I’m not sure of the date exactly, but my parents didn’t want to tell me about it because it happened during final exams.

As it turns out, I learned of her passing the day before my college graduation. So I still had a broken heart at a time when I should have been focused on something else— This poem isn’t fabulous, but here it is.  Its called Rest in Peace:

I stood in the shower until the water ran cold
Ice daggers sting bluntly compared to my sorrow

Youthful radiance dimming because death’s falling–you lay innocent and black
only a moment until you run out of my palms

Gone? Dead?  I’m blind
My angel, you’re still alive.

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