I Can’t Stay

I am feeling sick to my stomach because even though I have this job.  There is no way I can stay here.  I can’t afford it. What’s more, I don’t even have deposit money to put down on a place. Even the cheapest place I found requires almost 1000 dollars of deposit.  Which I definitely don’t have.  Eight dollars an hour, part-time–even full time is not a living wage. My expenses at a bare, but reasonable, minimum total about $1200.  I could earn that before taxes working 37 hours.  Was I going to start with that many hours?  No.

Now, I must move back to North Carolina, live with my parents.  Because of my financial situation, I have no other options. Even if I pay my friend rent- 450. If I wasn’t dating anyone, I wouldn’t care. It would suck, but I really wouldn’t care. It’s hard to tear yourself away from someone you love, especially when you know it might be the end.

If this is the end of my relationship, I would be very sad.  I would not date again until my career was settled.  It complicates everything too much.

If I moved, the plan would be this:

  1. Find immediate work
  2. Look for a job in Miami

I am so sad.

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  1. A real relationship will withstand the move. If it only exists when you two are living in the same city or state, then it is not a worthwhile relationship.in the long run it will be less heartbreak to end it now ` sooner than later. Good luck!

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