Leaving Florida

Times are tough. I haven’t been able to find and keep a job for about a year now.  I love Florida, and I don’t want to leave. I have always wanted a nice place near the beach.  And another major benefit is that my boyfriend is here.   North Carolina is a drag. And even though I am going to be taking a break by living with the ‘rents, I want to come back.

For some reason, I just can’t get away from the idea that I am staying for my lover. I think the only reason I am sick of it is that I can’t get around and I am broke.  I want to enjoy this place how it is supposed to be enjoyed:  with a car, on the beach and having plenty of $$$.

There are two other places I would consider moving:

  1. New York City.  I like the idea of living in the city.  I have always wanted to go back there.  I have family nearby in Jersey.  I don’t have a car, and you don’t need one.  And NYC is certainly a hub for writers.
  2. California. That’s the other place.  The weather is always beautiful (except for earthquakes).  I think I could assimilate into beach culture very well.  Although I hear there are many shallow people there.
  3. (Key West-  Like I said, I love the beach, but I’m already in Florida, so this one doesn’t really count.)

I am going back to North Carolina.  The real question is, where am I going to look for jobs?

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  1. ferd whizbang

    These sorts of decisions are very difficult. Either choice you make will
    have a long term impact on your life. Good Luck!

  2. I Think during these hard hit economy instead moving out to any new place I will suggest you to try and get a job and move out.Happy hunting!

  3. Ah yes, the ole “for my lover, for my lover” reason for staying in a place.
    As a writer, you’re likely a romantic, and as such you’re likely having a bit of a hard time making the choice to move. While all this is understandable, cash is at the end of the day what pays for food, and it appears you need it. As a practical person likely of your parents age (my oldest is headed off to college), I would say that while New York and California are good for writers, they are an expensive city and an expensive state. Someone in my family just lost their home in San Fran due to the economy. I would do a more thorough search of where you might want to be, figure out what you want to do in your spare time to earn money when you’re not writing, and then move to a writer’s type of place. Best of luck with the move that you should likely make.

  4. I understand the dilemma. However, there’s lots of stuff you need to take into account with this decision. I’m sure you’re doing that, but just in case you’re not, I wanted to throw these out there.

    1) Make darn sure you’re ready to go back to the parents. Even though you’re grown, all parents will still want to act like and be, well, you’re parents…that can really be a drag, especially if things are going well.

    2) You must take a hard look at NYC. You’re a writer, there’s tons of work there, compared to anywhere in FL. If both are working, it’ll be tough, but a long distance relationship IS doable. Airfare is pretty cheap these days, and NYC is a hub for everybody.

    3) Like the other comment said, think this through very carefully, your actions won’t be easily undone.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    Jason Hadley
    Mobile, AL

  5. I think you should stay with your parents for now. Get a job, even a low paying one, and save as much money as you can.

    All of the places you have on your “I want to live there list” are highly expensive and lots of people want to live there, making the competition for jobs that much more fierce.

    Paitence and experience are key in making your desired future happen.

  6. It’s going to be difficult to find a job anywhere right now. North Carolina would be easier on your financially because it’s cheaper and you can live with your parents. Why don’t you try to expand your blog to get more viewers and then you could make money through advertisers on your site?

  7. it sounds like you are in a real dilemma and that you regard moving back to your parents as a step back in your life. It might help if you think of it as just a temporary move and maybe give yourself a timeframe that you intend to find a job and be out on your own again. whatever you decide, good luck!!!

  8. No. career comes first. Boyfriend will always be there but opportunity once lost will never come back. You can obviously talk to him on phone and plan to visit on holidays.

  9. I don’t think giving up your relationship is an option. What kind of job does your boyfriend have? Would he be able to help you get a job? I mean, you do have to look at the practical side of everything. Just start applying everywhere, one job will always lead to another. Make contacts, get to know people..a job will come about.

    I wouldn’t live in NYC, it’s too expensive. I visited there for a week and spent a lot of money on food alone. I think gas is $3 a gallon, even though the public transit is nice it’s still $2 to get on the Metro.

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