No Hablo Español

I am a slow packer, but I suppose that indicates how much I really don’t want to move.  I would like to come back in like 3 months, but I am not sure how likely it will be that I will find a good job.  What I am finding that is distressing, however, is the bilingual requirement, even for writers.

Bilingualism is essential for me.  Do you know how many job opportunities I had to pass up because I wasn’t bilingual? Way too many  And it is even more frustrating when those jobs are for writers.   For instance, I saw a posting on craigslist– it was perfect for my level of experience.  The kicker? “Multi-lingual.”  I could apply anyway, but in Miami, there are tons of people who have my experience but can speak Spanish, so why bother?

I studied Spanish for 5 years, and I can barely speak a lick.  Okay, I can speak some Spanish, if I had to: very poorly, with tons of errors, but any Spanish speaker could understand me.  I know my pronunciation is good, and Spanish speakers are confused when I tell them I don’t really speak and am not fluent.

Do you think I could learn Spanish in 3 months?  I even have rosetta stone.  Or at least get to a working knowledge of Spanish?  I could at least have a knowledge of how the language is put together and thus have a working knowledge. I keep saying that I am going to learn, but since I have to move back home, I am dang well going to try. It would open so many doors for me.

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  1. You’ll have to update on how the Rosetta Stone actually works. According to the commercials, people instantly learned a new language! I would, however, love to hear from someone who didn’t audition for the paid position of declaring this program the most useful software available to learn a foreign language. LOL.

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