Book Review: You’re Broke Because You Want to Be

So the self-help junkie strikes again. I got this book You’re Broke Because You Want To Be by Larry Winget from the library. If I ever want to get back to Miami I have to cut my out of control spending habit.

I stumbled upon this book while working at the bookstore. Normally, I would have purchased it, (with my 30% discount) but that book convinced me that I shouldn’t be buying things… So off to the library I went.

The book really made me think about all the horrible decisions I’ve made, all the money I’ve spent that I have to work to repay. Now I feel like I don’t deserve to spend money on all the crap I usually spend money on. I have enough stuff. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with “things:” Tons and tons of useless things that are taking up my space.

Anyway, if you are broke, I really think this book is a great help. I have a new light on my financial situation. If you really do the exercises in the book it’s the most beneficial. I still feel like crap about having to make all these sacrifices so I can have money and live the way I want to live. And he says I should feel like crap because of all the horrible decisions. I should feel bad enough to want to make changes. By golly, I think its working.

4/5 stars

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