Choosing a Writing Specialty is Hard

I’ve had an awful time negotiating this grown-up world. Even with some direction I still find myself trying to figure out what exactly it is I want. Well I know I want a mansion on the beach and the ability to work when I feel like it.

I’ve said that a dozen times already. I’m gearing up to apply to grad school to probably study poetry. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I love poetry, but not many mainstream careers come from that. The only reason I’m worrying about careers is because the real world is tough and I have expensive bills to pay from my naive and ignorant college days!

A college professor– that could be kind of cool, but I don’t really know. That puts me back on the teaching route that I have been trying to stay away from, but it offers freedom and perks that I like.  And until you become a Steven King or a JK Rowling, you have to work or live with your parents (and I’m already further down that route then I would like to be).

Well back to my first question: what exactly is it do I want to write?

At the gym, I was reading a book by Chelsea Handler (Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea?), and I nearly fell off the recumbent bike, it was so funny.  And I was thinking:  I could write stuff like that.  Writing funny stuff always interested me, and I certainly have tried with my Valentines Day advice and Dealing with People’s Flatulence At Work articles.

I like discussing the stupidities of everyday life even more.  So do I really want to go to grad school to write poetry for another 2 years?  Not sure.  I enjoy poetry, and it would give me a career. And my dad says I don’t have to stop there.  I can always take more classes and further my education.

If I get an MFA from a poetry program, what will be my career?

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