Poem Draft: Falling from a Bridge

So I wrote this poem about a year ago, it has some cliche parts, I know.  I wrote it when I was emotional. Just sharing early bits of the writing process…

Falling From A Bridge

If I’d only known you’d never come back to me

That lack of any true intimacy

Could melt a solid companionship

If I’d only known you’d walk out my door

Without saying goodbye

Maybe I’d never have taken that leap of faith

Into your arms

You’re letting me fall to the rocks

Under a waterfall

I thought it was safe to cross the bridge

Into bliss and love

But we were rickety and unstable,

Untwining rope, and splintering wood

In your eyes,

You could only let go

You don’t see me,

Still hanging on by a thread

Still looking up at you

Trying to make it safely to freedom

I can wait for you:

My prince to rescue me

I’ll be here, when you come back for your woman

as a man

But when I can’t hold on any longer

I’ll die a martyr for true love.

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