Life Updates: Bus rides

So I keep thinking. If I want to be a writer, I have to actually write. Everyday. I don’t. I will have to when school starts!!

Did I mention I got into grad school? Found an apartment, got transferred and even found a second job at an ice cream shop. The ice cream shop in and of itself deserves its own blog entry. Tomorrow maybe, I have to work there tonight.

Anyway, I still have money issues that I think can only be resolved with a full-time salaried job. I barely earn enough to cover my expenses. That being said, I ought to be more careful with how I spend. Today, for example, I wasted a dollar on a fattening muffin from the cafe. Why is it a waste? Well, those dollars are starting to add up; I have tons of groceries at home, and now I have to work-out extra hard to burn the 400 calories. Not to mention it hardly satisfied my hunger.

So I guess I got way off track. So I am trying to write more. I have about a 40-minute bus ride home from work. So this has become blog time since I don’t have a good book.

Observation of the day: there is a large teenage girl with about 4 inches of butt cleavage. There is a teen boy staring at it. I was wondering if she could feel a breeze back there. Now she’s moving her giant over-the-shoulder-bag to cover it up. He is still staring. Why didn’t she just pull her pants up?

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