Life Update: Rants No Raves

I have to say it. Blogging is difficult. Blogging with any consistency is the only way to gain popularity.  If I’m not consistent, I’m wasting my time. I started my book review blog (Update 2019: No longer live. All book reviews are found here on this site) and it was a struggle just to get it done.  I felt like I was writing a paper. I was thinking about doing two blogs on this WordPress page a week.  But that is starting to seem like a lot. Especially if I want to review 1 book per week in addition to that.  And even that seems overwhelming.

The only way I can turn blogging into a career is if I do it.  I know, I’m complaining like I hate it or something. When something becomes an obligation it becomes way less fun.  I’m just writing to be writing right now.

Career Updates:

I want to get a full-time job. It will be much easier to buy a car if I have full-time income. Income= eligibility for a car loan. Still, I have no clue what on earth type of “real” job to even look for.  I have my bookstore job, and if I couple that with a federal work-study job, I will have full-time income.

Then, when I have a car, all my transportation problems will be solved.  No more 12 hours of bus time.  I live 20 minutes (tops) from where I work. A car will allow me to spend less time waiting around for buses I miss by mere seconds.   What kind of place have public buses that only run once per hour on weekdays no less?!?!  2 more months of this.

To get a car, I have to learn all there is to know about cars.  That way some tubby man in a sales suit won’t pull one over on me.  Knowledge is power baby! I want to be able to lift up the hood, sniff around and make ’em real uncomfortable.

I don’t feel like writing anymore. I said my piece. Look for updates later in the week.  I’ll probably post some creative work, something on writing music, and more about how my parents are cutting me loose.

Peace out!

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  1. I feel your pain on this one. I’ve been trying to consistently blog for several years and I’ve struggled to do it. It takes patience but it sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate so don’t beat yourself up too much for not being on top of it as much as you like.

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