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Do you know what I’ve been doing the last couple of days since school ended?  Stressing over how I should be doing something, while I am attempting to do nothing.

Today’s Google searches include:

  • how to make an app for cheap
  • how to write a novel
  • randy ingermanson
  • ivy black (<== i thought would be a cool pen name.  google her, and you’ll find out why I don’t think it’s going to work out)
  • what do writers put on their business cards

The only reason why I’m making business cards is to pick up cute guys. Pathetic I know, but I feel like the business card move could be so subtle and hot. Totally worth a try.  If that proves to be useless, I can use them (meaning the business cards) to get freelance work. Not that I intend to do that now with school and all, but just in case.

So what do writers put on business cards?  Their name, phone number, email, website, job title.  And by job title that means writer, editor, or freelance writer or whatever specialty.  And this writer has got a slogan on hers. Do I really need a slogan? It makes it sound so much more official.  But I’m not registering a company or copyrighting a patent or any of that. Too much d*mn work.

And if I make a business card I hand out, I need to update my website. I’m strangely embarrassed by it.  The whole all black thing is getting played out.  That’s why I changed this page to slightly less black.  But I don’t like my websites and stuff to be overly feminine.  It makes me want to barf.   So I hope you like the changes 🙂

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