South Beach

This is another old poem I wrote in college… undergrad maybe.  I think it’s strange how I wait years and years to share things I’ve written.  Do you other writers do that?  Anyways here it is

South Beach

Lavender moonlight nudges
sun rays creeping behind
the horizon.
But a khaki colored morning
sighs, the brown haze
glaring over remnants of

Early morning
gnarls its face, hoping
that in a few more minutes
the scattered crazies
will retreat behind their posters.
But more people arrive,
their tie-knots choking them,
lying saleswomen
and skimpy tramps
showing off their pale behinds.

Golden light struggles to
climb out of its ocean bed
knowing it will only be red hot
by midday;
realizing that
as night approaches,
black bass thunders,
disturbing sleep.

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