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I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years. If you’d like to count my free open diary days, it’s been about 15 years. When I started, blogging was a way to relay my day-to-day experiences, and feel like I had someone to talk to. I hoped the world was listening. No one was.

I blogged neither consistently nor about any one topic. I thought my personal life was interesting enough to share and relate with others. I try not to imagine what consistency and a singular focus would have granted me.

All this to say that the posts on this blog consist of writing I’d done anonymously on a blog long ago (journaling), writing I did publicly about my aspirations as a writer, and my chronicles and complaints in various job fields. There’s also some poetry, prose poetry and a short story I wrote years ago.

I’ve spent a great deal of time taking down the immature and irrelevant content I posted in the past. Also, I have organized, reorganized, web optimized and spell checked old posts.

I’ve debated whether or not should remove my musings on seemingly random topics. If I wanted to, I could curate an idealized image of my past. Maybe you as the readers would prefer that… I’m pretty sure all web gurus would suggest that. And maybe I will one day.

For now, I decided that it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. Besides, on the off chance that my book reaches any national notoriety, I want people to see that I’ve come a long way.

The reason why I wrote, and the reason why I always write is that I want to connect with people. Sometimes I’m too shy to do it in person, sometimes people just don’t hear me. And maybe my past experiences, as mundane as they may seem to me now, will connect with someone.

In terms of the latest posts, you can expect book reviews, updates on my writing career, musings on research I do for my future books, and other amazing wonderful things that I have yet to experience, that God only knows I will experience. Thanks for reading.

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