Dear Fellow Black Americans: Please do not fall for this Mike Bloomberg character.

He’s Trump’s political twin with a donkey sticker on his a**.

I see ad after ad of “stop-and-frisk” Bloomberg with Black faces endorsing him. The ads say all the “right” things, but it is nothing more than pandering.

Look at this man’s record, please. Look at the racist things he’s said and done—the misogynistic things he’s done, the lawsuits.

Don’t vote for this man because you think he can “beat,” Trump. Don’t feel so desperate that you end up replacing one capitalist megalomaniac with another. One doesn’t make change—real change—by voting for the lesser of two evils. Just because you think he can defeat Trump doesn’t make him better for us.

For the elders that encourage me to exercise my right to vote:

I’ll vote, but not to “defeat Trump.” I don’t think it’s going to happen, anyway. I’m voting my conscience. Some of you may think my vote is wasted on a 3rd party candidate who can’t win.

Imagine if most black people voted for a 3rd party candidate. We’d tell the Democrats we don’t trust them anymore. We would be a united force. We’d show others who were interested in voting 3rd party, that 3rd party candidates actually have a chance. We could shift the way people voted in this country. We could make real change in a few national elections—that is if national elections had a great impact on our day to day lives.

Besides, who I pick on the presidential ballot matters less than who I pick on the local one. Voting locally has to be accompanied by full participation in the election process—getting the word out, canvassing, attending rallies, hanging signs—for your candidate. Then we could make a difference.

For now, though, Black America, we may be stuck with oligarchs who only care about the enhancement of capitalism—the stuff that killed the Indigenous Peoples of America and brought our ancestors here in chains. Bloomberg is no different than the rest. No matter what the sellouts or the ads say. Vote your heart. Vote your conscience.

Much Love,

Talia Clay

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